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Lifestyle Village: (03) 6282 5400

Lifestyle Village

Safe and secure.

You are free to do the things you really enjoy.

At Fairway Rise Lifestyle Village you will have no house maintenance or garden chores demanding your time, and with all your needs close at hand, you will soon discover you are free to do the things you really enjoy. Life is for living and everything here is designed for you to make the most of. You will have access to an array of excellent onsite amenities like the Clubhouse which is provided exclusively for residents (and friends) and will offer a lounge, bar and recreational facilities.


Designed for your comfort.

It’s not just the location you will love about Fairway Rise Lifestyle Village.

Each villa at Fairway Rise Lifestyle Village comes complete with contemporary modern finishes and has been thoughtfully designed for your comfort. You’ll enjoy space-efficient kitchens with ergonomic features to ensure ease of use and lots of practical aspects to make living easy. Each villa has also been designed to cater for Broadband and has a rear landscaped garden orientated to maximise sunlight. Water conservation is maximised too with harvesting tanks; low usage plumbing fixtures, double glazed windows and fully insulated walls and ceilings.

The Clubhouse.

A great place for residents to gather, relax, and make new friendships.

The Fairway Rise Clubhouse is a great place for residents to gather, relax, and make new friendships. The Clubhouse can be enjoyed by residents with afternoon teas, games, special occasions, and Friday happy hour which is guaranteed to provide lots of laughter and an opportunity for many interesting stories to be shared.
The Clubhouse offers a large front deck which can be used for BBQ lunches and light entertainment. At the rear of The Clubhouse there is a synthetic golf putting green where residents and guests are welcome to use at their leisure. Inside you will find a spacious lounge and bar which residents can use for self catering and events.
The Clubhouse is located by the main entrance of the Lifestyle Village and provides onsite parking whilst also being only a short walking distance from the villas.