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The Clubhouse News – Winter 2014

Residents are well into the swing of utilising the Clubhouse on a regular basis for a variety of activities and entertainment. Crafts and games have become increasingly popular among our residents with regular sessions held each week. These sessions provide a great opportunity not only for indulging in enjoyable and creative pursuits but also for our residents to get to know one another.

The craft group, as seen here, are currently knitting a selection of beautiful blankets for use in the Residential Aged Care Facility. Other crafts enjoyed by the residents include beading, card making and scrapbooking. Our residents are also enjoying participating in games, some of which include mahjong and canasta.

New residents Brian and Cynthia Hall have been patiently waiting for construction to be completed and have eagerly watched their villa through the construction phase. They are very excited to be the first residents to move into their new villa at 1 Barney Court. The occupation of the 6 villas in Barney Court brings the Fairway Rise population to over 100 residents.